Structural Analysis for the Java-Platform


Chapter 6

Result Output

Use 'Results - calculate static' to recalculate the system. This is necessary after every change to the problem description in order to display results. You will get an error message if the system is kinematic. Sometimes this condition cannot be detected automatically due to roundoff errors — you will get very large displacements in this case.

Use the show ... checkboxes to activate display of the corresponding curves. There is no automatic scaling. If needed customize the size as described in Size and Scale.

Use 'Results - write ASCII-file' or 'Results - write HTML-file' to write numerical results into a file. Only labeled objects are taken into account.

Beside file export you can display results of individual objects by just clicking on elements when in info mode (). Objects do not need to be labeled in this case.

Numerical output of forces and displacements is only done at the nodes. Insert additional nodes at interesting points even if not needed for modelling to get numerical results there as well.