Structural Analysis for the Java-Platform


Chapter 2


Sectional Values

Newly inserted elements get default values for the sectional values (e.g. EA and EI) assigned.

To change these defaults select 'Preferences - sectional vals'.

Visual Grid and Snap Grid

The drawing area shows a visual point grid to ease navigation. The distance between two points can be set under 'Preferences - snap and grid' in the field 'visible grid'. This grid has no influence on the creation of new objects.

In the field 'snap grid' the distance between the points of the (invisible) snap grid is set. Newly created objects can only be placed on points of the snap grid. The coordinate display shows the snapped value.

To deactivate the visual grid or the snap grid just enter 0 in the corresponding field.

When selecting elements you may click some pixels beside the element. The field 'check radius' sets this tolerance.

Size and Scale

You can change the size of the displayed objects and the scale of the result curves using the dialogue 'Preferences - view'.

'base size' sets the basic measure for the display of nodes, elements and so on in pixels. You can influence the size of every symbol changing this setting.

The '... scale' fields sets the scaling of the result curves:

displacement scale
moment scale
normal force scale
shear force scale


Using or 'Preferences - zoom in' and or 'Preferences - zoom out' you can zoom in and out the drawing area.

or 'Preferences - show all' resizes the drawing area to just show the entire structure.

or 'Preferences - zoom window' zooms into a selectable rectangular area.

or 'Preferences - pan' moves around the structure without changing the zoom factor.

Dragging with the middle mouse button or using the mouse wheel also allows panning or zooming.